Pain/Inflammation Collection

Pain/Inflammation Collection

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Ortho Ease

As we age, staying active and maintaining mobility are very important aspects of enjoying life with friends and family. However, pain and aching in the bones and joints prevent millions of adults from leading fully active lives. Joint inflammation and reduced functionality contribute to a poor quality of life.

If you are one of those who experience discomfort, stiffness, and lack of mobility, yet have been unsuccessful in getting the support you need from a joint-supporting supplement, we encourage you to try adding Ortho Ease to your daily routine. You can see (and feel!) the results in about one week.

Ortho Ease is a vegan formula that supports healthy bones and joints with Univestin™, a patented blend of two powerful herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine for the relief of joint pain. Univestin™ combines Chinese skullcap and acacia catechu, which work together to promote joint comfort and flexibility, and provide relief from body aches, stiffness, and immobility.

AOR’s Ortho Ease is a natural food-based nutritional supplement that has been shown to provide fast relief for the pain and stiffness in joints. It combats the enzymes that cause inflammation and helps improve physical functioning, range of motion, and flexibility.

Our premium supplement is one of few natural health products on the market that contains a patented combination of two powerful herbs. It provides specific concentrations of Chinese skullcap and acacia catechu in a ratio designed to provide effective pain relief without gastrointestinal side effects.


Millions of Americans are affected by some kind of joint issue each year, yet most of us don’t think about our joints until we start feeling discomfort regularly. In many cases, joint issues are related to the body’s inflammatory response triggered by our lifestyle and diet. That’s why, along with establishing good habits and leading a healthy lifestyle, supplementing with curcumin may provide the necessary support.

While the power and medicinal properties of curcumin have been revered in India since ancient times, we now know that the wonder herb has one flaw: It is difficult for the body to absorb and therefore, to reap its many benefits. Because curcumin can only dissolve in fat–not water–once it reaches our digestive system, most of it is eliminated and not used by the body.

Because bioavailability and absorption help determine effectiveness, the key to an optimal supplement is for the curcumin to have the ability to remain in a free state. The CurcuVIVA™ premium formula provides free-state curcumin that retains its “unbroken” form, which makes it stable, concentrated, and able to retain maximum effectiveness for up to 24 hours.

CurcuVIVA™ also utilizes the medicinal properties of curcumin to help maintain healthy digestion, liver, and gallbladder.

Vitamin D3 5000IU

According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, 80.7 percent of the U.S. population lived in urban areas as of 2010. With a majority of people living in urban areas, there is increased exposure to high pollution and a greater risk of vitamin D deficiency. That’s why it’s important to get some vitamin D from sources besides sunlight.

Vitamin D3 benefits the body by providing support to the immune system, ensuring proper calcium absorption that promotes healthy bones, while also helping balance mood. Vitamin D is mainly known as a mood booster, especially during winter months when the skin gets little exposure to the sun. As more knowledge about the benefits of this vitamin are discovered, it is becoming more popular to supplement.

AOR’s VSoftgel™ Vitamin D3 5000IU is one of the first of its kind, providing truly vegan vitamin D3 sustainably sourced from non-GMO lichen. Lichen is a plant-like substance made up of symbiotic algae and fungi. Up until recently, the only vegan form of vitamin D available was vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) which is usually sourced from soy and is not as absorbable as vitamin D3. However, most D3 products are usually sourced from sheep wool oil and are therefore not compatible with a vegan diet.

Manufactured with our patent-pending technology, VSoftgel™ offers superior absorption that is safe for vegans and vegetarians. The biggest advantage of offering fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin D3 in a soft gel is that it allows for better bioavailability.

Maxi Boz II™

As we age, caring for our bones and joints is very important. They determine our ability to be independent, to move freely, and to enjoy life to its fullest. Maintaining the health of the skeletal system, which is composed of bones, joints, cartilages, ligaments, and other tissues that perform essential functions for the human body, is crucial for being and feeling vibrant and healthy.

Moreover, poor mobility and range of motion in the joints increases the risk of being injured, causes pain, and limits our capacity to perform everyday tasks. Although there are many different reasons for experiencing aches in the joints and a lack of flexibility, including a high-quality, natural supplement in your daily nutrient intake can improve your bone and joint health tremendously.

MAXI BOZ II™ is a standardized extract of boswellia serrata, a medicinal herb used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine to support proper inflammatory response in the joints. Boswellia has also been used to support healthy respiratory and digestive systems.

AOR’s MAXI BOZ II™ is a premium supplement that offers powerful support for those looking to support joint function and mobility along with the body’s proper inflammatory response.